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Are porn websites safe?

Many people worry that porn sites are not safe. People believe these sites infect your computer with viruses or steal your credit card information. We discuss the issue about porn sites and viruses in this article: Do Porn Sites Give

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Can women be addicted to pornography?

Porn addiction can affect men and women. While many men and women think about sex and porn differently, both have desires and a sexual appetite. Porn can affect people differently. For some it is an escape or a way to

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How to tell if my husband is addicted to porn

If your husband visits adult websites or is growing distant in your relationship, it is certainly possible that he has a porn addiction. Porn addiction is a growing trend among both men and women. We will discuss how you can

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How to stop porn spam

Where does porn spam come from? How do I stop it?Millions of people get inappropriate spam email every day. Often times they have never been to a porn site or given out their email to an adult website. How do

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Do porn sites give your computer viruses?

Pornographic and adult websites are often associated with viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It is true that many virus infections are caused after visiting a porn site. We will explore why this is and how to protect your computer.

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